José María de la Riva

José María is the advisor to the Technical Academy's management team on initatives and matters that require specific planning and coordination with the headquarters in Madrid.

José María de la Riva

Director & Advisor

José María experience on educational structures based on his experience as consultant and University professor (he also teaches at Real Madrid Graduate School) configure a solid base to grow and develop the vision of the Real Madrid Foundation Technical Academy in Singapore the same as the South East Asia region.

José María has worked during more than 18 years in Madrid Municipality with different high executive responsabilities inside the organization and the Mayor executive team. This experience and the link between Real Madrid and the city of Madrid (especially around the urban development and the influence of sport on it) has provided José María the knowledge to use sport as a driver to transform the society and as a vehicle for the education of young generations

José María is Degree in Geography and Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA) – Universidad Autónoma Madrid, with the work "Construction process of urban space in Madrid. The land market since the establishment of democratic councils 1979- 2006 ". He is also professor for the Master Planning and Sustainable Territorial Development, Universidad Autónoma Madrid