Social Responsibility

Giving Back to Singapore

Representing the soul of Real Madrid, a core aspect of our presence here involves giving back to the community all the support that we have received since our establishment.

Therefore, part of the revenue generated by our training programmes is dedicated to social programmes of the Real Madrid Foundation in Singapore and around the world.

We are also proud to be giving back to Singapore in the following ways:

SportCares Foundation

Ever since the inception of the Technical Academy, we have been partnering the SportCares Foundation of Sport Singapore (formerly known as the Singapore Sports Council), which works to improve the lives of the disadvantaged in our community.

Working mainly with SportCares’ flagship Saturday Night Lights (SNL) programme, the Technical Academy has offered scholarships and subsidised rates for players from SNL to participate in its Campus Experience football and values education camps in June 2013 and 2014, as well as free training at its regular training programmes.

Together with ITE College Central, the Technical Academy has also assisted SNL with its expansion, by hosting SNL at ITE College Central on Saturday nights. Our Technical Directors also help out at SNL training sessions to support the SNL coaching team and motivate SNL players.

Our Technical Directors have also conducted futsal coaching sessions in Tanah Merah Prison for inmates that had completed their ‘N’ Level examinations, in order to give them some motivation and encouragement in their rehabilitation.

Institute of Technical Education (ITE)

As part of our long-term collaboration with ITE, the Technical Academy provides annual opportunities for deserving students from ITE to visit Madrid for an experience of a lifetime, as a reward for good performances and to motivate incoming batches of ITE students to do their best.

To help ITE physical education staff with their professional development, the Technical Academy also arranges for annual staff exposure trips, allowing ITE staff to go behind the scenes of the developmental and educational work that is conducted in the home of Real Madrid itself. Our Technical Directors have also conducted a coaching course for ITE students interested in becoming coaches in the future.

Apprenticeship opportunities

To more directly help deserving youth develop viable careers in sport, our Technical Directors have taken under their wing handpicked individuals from ITE and SportCares and given them opportunities to serve as assistant coaches at our training sessions.

By being in constant close proximity to the Technical Directors and senior coaches as they conduct their training activities, these young men will be able to learn first-hand what it takes to become accomplished coaches like them in a continuous way that no coaching course can cover.

We are proud that these assistant coaches have also become valuable help in ensuring the smooth flow and running of our training activities.