A methodology focused on five key areas: Physical, Technique, Tactic, Psychology and Real Madrid Foundation Values

The Real Madrid Foundation Football & Basketball School in Singapore is more than just a regular sports academy. We are an institute for sports education, with the core mission of developing youths and children through opportunities created by sports, that is deeply immersed in a culture for Excellence.

At the Real Madrid Foundation Basketball School, our philosophy centers on using team sports like football and basketball to foster autonomous behavior in our players. Our training and competitive programs are carefully designed to not only enhance athletic skills but also to nurture self-learning and self-starting abilities. By integrating these elements, we aim to develop players who are not only proficient in sports but also demonstrate independence and responsibility in all areas of life.

Our proprietary training methodology embraces the traditional Real Madrid brand of football, which is then perfectly supplemented by modern sports coaching philosophies. Our program offers a variety of unique and exclusive Experiences for our community and their families. Some of these curated Experiences are intricately designed to purposefully complement the education that is offered in mainstream schools. The purpose of this approach is to enhance the impact of commonly targeted developmental objectives, with one such focused objective being leadership abilities.

Our sports education platform seeks to not only facilitate the progression of sporting ability by our evolving development pathway, while it also strives to aid in the development of high performing individuals. The Legacy and Values of Real Madrid, which are an integral component of this platform, serves as an inspiration to our community. While positive life values often take time to nurture, the Experiences that our program offers are designed to create the conditions and environment necessary to enhance this process for our students. 

Our Technical staff, comprising of UEFA Pro Coach and Doctorate in Physical Education, at the Real Madrid Foundation Football & Basketball School has put together, leveraging their vast experience working with Fundación Real Madrid, a methodology focused on five key areas: Physical, technical, tactical, psychological and Real Madrid Foundation values.

For all age groups from 4 to 17 years old our staff has defined an annual curriculum which ensures players’ development during their stay at our Football & Basketball School.

How we implement this methodology

The annual curriculum is broken down into sessions so that each session has a set of goals in all or some of the key areas.

For example, a given day training session for a U13 group may include work on protecting the ball (technical), aerobic condition (physical) and supporting the teammates from behind (tactical).

While the curriculum is defined and supervised by the Technical Director, the coach has the central role to perform the exercises conducive of the defined goals. Needless to say that our methodology factors the players’ age, where younger players focus more on physical aspects, and whether the player is a twice a week team training player or a once a week technification player.

Team training session’s methodology

Those players engaged in our team training sessions will be taught under a curriculum based on the same principles of the methodology applied to technification players. However, more focus will be placed on:

  • Tactic: understanding and executing the game systems, i.e. what position plays each player in the field; transitions, how the team moves up from defence to attack and vice versa;
  • Strategy, previously agreed coordinated team actions
  • Technique is taught having in mind competitive/match situations
  • Physical activities are mostly carried out with the ball so that the time is optimised


Focus areas of our methodology (Physical, Technique, Tactics, Psychology and Values)