Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The Real Madrid Foundation difference

Our programme is led by an elite technical team comprising Technical Directors handpicked by the Real Madrid Foundation. Our Technical Directors are experienced, professional and highly-qualified (each holding at least one university degree on top of their coaching qualifications), and they are the best youth coaches you will find in Singapore. Together with a meticulously selected coaching team and a detailed training programme, we believe that our school will be the perfect environment for your child!

We believe in a holistic approach to coaching your child. Through football, we aim to impart key sporting and life values that will aid your child’s sporting and character development. Here at RMFFS, we aim for all our players to ALWAYS be enjoying, learning and improving in a close knitted family environment.

Of Course! As we are closely linked to the Real Madrid Foundation, it allows us to organise occasional training and competitive trips for our players to Madrid, Spain for a once in a lifetime experience. Our next trip to Real Madrid training facilities will be in April 2022 for the inaugural WORLD CHALLENGE, so don't miss out! 

The Real Madrid Foundation is the instrument by which Real Madrid is present in society and develops its social and cultural awareness programmes. We are honoured to be a part of this initiative. 

Part of all fees collected goes to support the foundation.


No prior experience is required! We welcome all who wish to join the Real Madrid family.

As we have a variety of training sessions and training groups, there will be a group that is suited to your child’s age and experience/skill level. Just come for a trial and we will be able to advise you and your child better on which training groups are suitable for you!

Of course! We currently have training groups with both boys and girls and also exclusively girls groups! Do contact us via whatsapp if you require more information.

We encourage your child to arrive at least 10 minutes before his/her session and be ready for training so that he can mingle with his friends. 

For training, your child is recommended to be dressed in comfortable sporting attire (Jersey, Shorts & Footwear). Do remember to bring along plenty of drinking water, a towel and spare change of clothes for after the training session.  

Yes ! We train throughout the year, including public holidays.

Our Technical Directors believe that training multiple times a week can accelerate each player’s development. After your child’s trial, we will recommend the appropriate number of weekly training sessions for him/her ! 

Yes! The classes that your child has signed up for are weekly and will run until the expiration of his package. Your child should attend training at the scheduled weekly training slot.

In the event that  you or your child wish to make specific arrangements to change or add training time slots for a particular week, do contact us via whatsapp to make the necessary arrangements.

Currently, we have a no-makeup policy for all missed training sessions. 

To ensure consistent and continual progress for your child, we recommend your child to attend every scheduled weekly training session that has been arranged for him/her. 

In the event of absence from training, please do inform us well in advance so we can plan our resources efficiently and work out a specific arrangement for your child.

Our coaches keep a close track of all players and their various attributes, including footballing skills and technique, interpersonal skills and character traits, are noted. 

Additionally, our coaches are always available to provide you with feedback. Please feel free to speak to them after training or arrange for a mutually convenient time and they will be glad to share their observations with you.

We believe that receiving match experience significantly aids a child’s football and character education and, as such, we do provide various opportunities for our players to take part in competitive and friendly matches that are deemed suitable for their abilities and development.

Our Technical Directors are constantly on the lookout for opportunities for our players to gain suitable match experience against local and international teams. We also conduct our own internal Weekly Values League where players will compete internally via a leaderboard in different aspects such as sporting performance, skills and sportsmanship.

As the presence of family members on the pitch has a tendency to distract players and consequently affect training for the player, his teammates and the coach, we seek family members’ understanding to refrain from entering the pitch while training is in session, to ensure that our coaches and players can remain focused on training.


Currently, we have differing training packages for different venues. Do contact us via whatsapp to enquire. All new players are ONLY required to purchase an exclusive RMFFS training set. NO registration fees, deposits or hidden costs!

Payment can be made via PayNow or UEN No. 201228589K.  Please refer to your invoice for further details on how to make payment. Receipts for payments will be issued upon request via email through our online accounting system.

We seek your cooperation with regard to timely settlement of your invoices, as the Football School team has to expend considerable time in following up with late payments.

Currently, we operate with a strictly no-refund policy.


Your child’s safety is our key priority. In the event of rain without lightning risk, we will proceed with training as per normal, provided no torrential rain that will impede training or training conditions. 

Our main concern is with lightning risk. We take guidance from both information provided by the National Environment Agency (NEA) as well as on-site weather observations. 

Our experienced Technical Directors will make the call on-site based on the above information, with our players’ safety as priority but also not to deny our players an opportunity to enjoy themselves.

Our coaches’ experience in Singapore has been that, as weather conditions can change very quickly, it is often impossible to determine whether conditions are suitable for training until just before the start of each training session. 

Therefore, we seek your understanding and please continue to bring your child for the assigned training session even if weather conditions where you reside prior to the start of training may seem unpromising. Our dedicated coaches will be present at the venue to start the training, so let's not allow their effort to go to waste ! 

Be rest assured that your child’s safety will always remain our top priority.


Fantastic! Simply fill in our Online Registration Form and our friendly staff will be in touch shortly to arrange your trial.

We look forward to you and your child joining the Real Madrid Family in the near future!


Should you have any further queries, do drop us an email at