Team Training Programme

Our team training program for the 2021/2022 season is underway!

While most of the slots are taken before the season starts, if this is the program that fits you, let our team know during your Trial.

PLEASE NOTE that this program works by invitation only.

If the teams for your age group are full, you will access to our waiting list by registering for our Technical Training Programme first.

All the players joining our Team Training program after August 1st may have a "provisional team" for 1 month. This allows our coaches and Technical Director to identify the best-fit team for the player. In any case, it is difficult to make a perfect decision for the Full Season after only 1 hour trial.

We strive to provide the best possible environment for players to IMPROVE and be NURTURED.

With the understanding that there may be schedule conflicts of the recommended teams with other activities, we will always endeavor to find a good team for the player's development!

Program description

  • Training sessions on designated days for each team with a selected group of players and coach.
  • A full season goal based curriculum designed for each specific age group following our methodology.
  • Regular competitive opportunities as an education tool.

Expectations from players

  • Previous football experience and dedication
  • Commitment to train with the team on the designated days and be part of the team for the entire season
  • Observance of a code of conduct
  • Unlimited willingness to enjoy and learn


This program takes place all year round.

VENUES & Schedules

Our team trainings are conducted at The Rainforest Sports Hub (Turf Club Bukit Timah) on weekdays 5-7pm.

Team name Players YOB Training Days & Time 

U15 Benzema


Thursday & Friday

U13 Kroos


Wednesday & Friday

U11 Casemiro


Tuesday & Wednesday

U9 Militao 


Tuesday & Wednesday

U7 Vinicius


Tuesday & Wednesday


Team training fees

Please enquire with us at regarding packages of various numbers of sessions available. Each competition day is considered 1 session. Extra Real Madrid Training Kits can be purchased if needed.


Other important considerations

Team Training is a “by invitation only” program. You are also welcome to try out with us at any of the open Technical Training sessions that is conducted all year round.