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Spanish World, new partner of the Real Madrid Foundation Football School

Spanish World, new partner of the Real Madrid Foundation Football School


Starting in the new 2019/2020 season, the Real Madrid Foundation Football School in Singapore and Spanish World will collaborate to create a common platform to promote sports (football in particular) and the Spanish language,the second most spoken language in the world. Under the partnership, activities and events to engage young students as participants will be developed in Singapore.


“This partnership is a great extension for the Real Madrid Foundation Football School. It offers our community of players and their families an opportunity to further enrich their learning experience. At the same time, it  provides a platform to welcome students  from  other communities, organizations and schools to immerse in the best of Spanish culture, football and her language. Without a doubt, the partnership is going to enhance the value of our sports and education model with our coaches playing a vital educational role for delivery of quality football training in Singapore.”


“At Spanish World, we are very proud to become partners in Singapore of one of the most recognizable brands in the world, Fundación Real Madrid, and without any doubt the most important Ambassador of “Marca España”. It is truly an honour to collaborate with the Real Madrid Foundation Football School this season. We will focus our efforts in the common goal of providing integral education to children by instilling in them values and tools to solidly explore diverse paths in life, through sports, culture and language. We remain at the service of every kid in Singapore and look forward to sharing the journey with them in our beautiful and worldwide spoken Spanish language”

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