Our Professional Team

Our highly-qualified team is dedicated to your child's football and individual development

No matter how good a training methodology may be on paper, you need the right people to apply it in the right way. When it comes to the right coach for your child, you want somebody who does not merely follow a training guide and conducts training by “the book” (as is often said).

Our coaches have the experience and expertise to recognise the unique traits of your child and bring out the best in him/her. They also have your child’s long-term best interests, both as a footballer or individual, at heart and will keep him/her on the right path and not get distracted by quick results.

It is the human touch that will make us truly stand out as a football school, which is why our technical team is led by Technical Directors handpicked and stationed here by the Real Madrid Foundation, with the support of the Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europea de Madrid.

Our Technical Directors are experienced and highly-qualified (each holding at least one university degree on top of their coaching qualifications) professionals who are personable, enthusiastic and motivated to work with players in Singapore. They are true professionals and dedicated to their work, yet always there for your child as a coach, teacher and friend.



  • Dr Ken Peh Senior Coach & Sports Technical Developer

    Ken is entrusted by Real Madrid Foundation Football & Basketball School in Singapore with the responsibility of pioneering Training Excellence at Real Madrid Foundation Football & Basketball School in Singapore.

  • Andrea Rodríguez Director of Operations

    Andrea is responsible of Operations and Customer Services but also adding her high qualification and passion for sports sciences and coaching

  • Hannah Ho Adjunct Head Coach

    Hannah is a seasoned coach with a remarkable coaching and playing background, and a dedicated advocate for inclusive sports and coach development. The Real Madrid Foundation Basketball School in Singapore is privileged to have her on board since the establishment of the First and Only such Basketball School of the club in Singapore in 2023.