Developmental Pathway

Here at the Real Madrid Foundation Football School, we have in place a systematic and structured learning programme for our players to be equipped with the necessary skill sets to progress and improve as a player, as well as a person.

When a new player joins us, our coaching team will assess and recommend the most appropriate program to start training with us. 

Technical Program

This is the basic foundation training for every player that passes through the Real Madrid Foundation Football School and ensures that every player from every different age group is equipped with the basic individual technical know-how of passing, dribbling and shooting. Learn and improve with us as you join us for training sessions that employ the Real Madrid methodology.

Technical Training Sessions are available at our 5 venues island-wide throughout the week.

Sunday Matches & Values League

The Sunday Matches and Values League is a platform for players keen to advance their basic knowledge about playing a football match and experience the emotions of being in a competition. This is also the beginning of the pathway to our competitive teams, which participate in local and overseas tournaments, including the Real Madrid Foundation World Challenge held every Spring in Real Madrid City.

The matches played are more than just a competition though, as we teach and impart various values such as Respect and Equality, through real life situations on the pitch. Players who have demonstrated the necessary skills and quality can then make the transition to Team Castilla.

Matches are played at fixed time 8-9am on Sundays. And, families may also join in for some football!


Developmental Program - Team Castilla

Named after the Real Madrid Reserve Team in Spain, Team Castilla SG (U15) training at Serangoon Gardens and Team Castilla TC (U11) training at Turf Club Bukit Timah were started to allow players who are technically competent but are not at the Team Training level yet. Under this programme, Team Castilla will be training as a unit and preparing for various tournaments throughout the year, including overseas ones in Thailand, Vietnam and Spain. Players who are deemed ready and would like to play competitively on a more regular basis can then proceed on to our Team Training programme.

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Team Training Program

The team training of  the various age groups train together twice a week, in order to prepare for local league competitions. 

Day/Time: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 5-7pm

Venue: Turf Club Bukit Timah 

The team training programme allows the same group of players to train and learn as a unit over a prolonged period of time, which will be invaluable when they take part in league competitions. This programme will also allow them to be exposed to team drills, tactics and actual game play, which they may not be exposed to otherwise.

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