The psychological aspect is crucial. A positive and strong mindset allows the player to face the different game situations, such as loss, fatigue, victory or injuries. Motivation, concentration, visualization, empathy or positivity are some of the psychological required capabilities. Anticipating that in a game situation not all outcomes are positive, the player must learn how to cope with those before facing a competitive situation.

High consideration should be given to the player’s surrounding environment and how it influences his/her behaviour. the family, school, friends or nutrition should be understood by the coach.

All capabilities required for football are intertwined and cannot be worked separately. During the training sessions, our coaches create situations and work on the players’ behaviours. For instance, the coach acting as referee lead to certain players’ responses which the coach later reflects with the player. A training situation where a team is outnumbered by the opponent, time is limited and the score is against, creates pressure and anxiety on the players which lead to specific behaviours which may need to be amended.